The Ultimate Christmas Party Scent | Prada Candy

Hello everyone!

The Christmas party season is suddenly upon us, and I thought I’d share with you all my ultimate scent to wear during the festivities.



My absolute favourite party scent is Prada’s Candy perfume. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the bottle?!

And before anyone gets the wrong impression, I definitely do not spend this much money on perfumes regularly – in fact, this bottle was actually a gift from a friend last Christmas,Β I believe! Despite this, this perfume is probably the only one I’d ever spend so much money on!

I truly adore this scent. I’m really fussy with perfumes; after all, you’re wearing them all day, and I want to smell good (who doesn’t?)! Prada Candy is quite a sweet scent but it has a hint of musk in there too which means it’s not sickly and overpowering. Prada describes it as being ‘warm and spicy, with notes of caramel and musk’, and I think that describes it perfectly!

This is actually the Eau de Toilette but I have a tiny drop left of the Eau de Parfum which I’ve had for a couple of years. The parfum is that little bit stronger and longer lasting, but they both have the same delicious scent.

Even if you don’t traditionally enjoy sweet scents I can’t imagine you’d dislike this!

What’s your favourite scent?

El x

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