Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Palette | Review

As an absolute advocate for anything that sparkles, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this gorgeous limited edition Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Palette! Believe it or not, I’ve actually never tried the shimmer brick formula, but I thought that this palette would be a great investment as I think it’s great value for money and you get to try out three shades.

I’m going to review this beauty today, as although it was a holiday release, from what I can see online it is still available so you’re still able to get your hands on it if it interests you!


Price & Packaging

The packaging of this product is really beautiful; everything from the box to the powders themselves are just so luxurious and good quality! The compact itself is black and shiny mirrored – pretty but one for collecting fingerprints, that’s for sure! It’s easy to clean though and you can quite easily return it to its former no-marks self. It’s got a magnetic click shut and a great mirror that’s of the perfect size to do your makeup in.

The palette costs £50, and before I hear you gasp in horror, it’s actually a good value in my opinion. Bear in mind that one full size shimmer brick is £34, so you’re getting three almost full sized products for £50. If you’re interested in one of the shades in here to buy separately, I’d honestly recommend spending that bit extra and buying the palette itself as I think you’re getting more for your money that way!



So here are the powders! How dreamy!

The palette contains three shimmer bricks; Gold, Bronze and Wild Rose. I’d say I was interested in Wild Rose the most but I can find a use for all three of the shades.

Gold: This is probably the shade that I get the least use out of! It’s a very yellow toned gold which is why I don’t enjoy it quite as much; I much prefer champagne tones as opposed to strong yellow. When applied to the skin there’s a beautiful sheen and the yellow tone isn’t too strong, but I do think it would look better on people with deeper skin tones.

Bronze: I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this shade but I’ve actually been really enjoying it! It’s a warm shimmery bronze tone but if you’re careful into which strips you dab your brush you can make the colour paler, darker or more rosy. I like using this as a natural bronzer as well as sweeping it over my regular bronzer to give a healthy glow.

Wild Rose: I love this colour too! This could be used as a blush topper with any shade of matte blush to add some life to it, but I like to build it up and use it as a blush on its own. It’s a gorgeous healthy pink colour that really wakes up your skin.


Gold, Bronze & Wild Rose Shimmer Bricks
Gold, Bronze & Wild Rose Shimmer Bricks

Here are some swatches and close ups of the powders. At first I didn’t think I’d like the formula – when you swatch them they have quite a rough texture and I was worried they’d be chunky and glittery – but when applied to the skin they have a creamy gelee texture that melts into the skin and has a really beautiful glossy finish.

They last well on the skin (I’d say Wild Rose & Bronze are slightly longer lasting than Gold) and overall I think the finish on the skin is really unique and gorgeous.

You can pick this up from the Bobbi Brown website – I believe it’s an online exclusive, but if you want to swatch beforehand all of these colours are available separately!

What do you think of this palette?

El x

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8 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Palette | Review

  1. I don’t own this palette, but several years ago, I bought the shimmer brick in Bronze ( I think it’s the same as shown above) and never used it. It got tucked away in a move and about two weeks ago I rediscovered it. I have no idea why I didn’t use it initially, but it’s awesome. It has made my pasty winter skin, look like I’ve been on a vacation to Hawaii. It also has a pretty shimmer. I’m in love!

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    1. We’re in the same boat in terms of paleness lovely – I’m practically see through!
      Bronze is a gorgeous product – yes it’s in the palette – and I can’t wait to get using it lots as the sun starts to appear! I think it initially looks quite intimidating because it almost looks glittery, but when you use it, you’re totally right; the shimmer is so fresh and natural. Mutual love for this I think! 🙂 xx

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