My Tips & Tricks for Keeping Organised while Running a Blog

If you’d asked me at any point last autumn how my blogging was going, I would probably looked at you with a blank expression: ‘what blog?’, I would have asked. I didn’t post for a whole month and I was so disorganised with pretty much everything! I allowed life to completely get in the way of my posting schedule, routine and, most importantly, my motivation.

Anywho, after that palaver I’ve finally managed to get my ass into gear and am right back on track; you know, new year’s resolutions and all that jazz. But keeping my blog organised is definitely my no. 1 aim for the year and seeing as so far, so good (pray this continue) I thought I’d share my top 5 tips for getting organised while blogging.

(May I just add, the fact that my phone is only on 19% in this photo sums it all up really)

1. Construct a blogging schedule
This might sound pretty obvious, but getting your posting days sorted gives you drive to get things done and ready to upload on that day. If you don’t have a schedule you’re far more likely to approach with a ‘I can do that tomorrow’ attitude, leading to nothing ever being done. In addition to this, a blogging schedule gives your readers a structure and will encourage them to return to your site on posting days.

2. Plan your month
Some bloggers like this, some bloggers don’t. For busy bees like myself it’s jolly helpful. I write out a list of the days I’ll be posting over the next month and pencil in post ideas for those days. I’ll then have a big photography session where I’ll take photos for all those posts, and then I can write them wherever I get chance over the month. Be sure to leave some gaps for spontaneous posts you may want to toss in as the month goes on.

3. Don’t be too ambitious
We’ve all been there, setting ourselves the challenge of uploading daily. And let me tell you folks, it sure ain’t easy, and I applaud anyone who manages so stick to this schedule (please share your secret!). Have a really good think; sort out a schedule that you know is realistic for you and your lifestyle. Adding pressure is reducing the quality of your posts. Don’t do it!

4. Schedule posts in advance
If you know you’ve got a busy few weeks ahead, write up some posts in advance and schedule them to upload so that they fit into your weekly plan. Do bear in mind though that on WordPress for a scheduled post to upload it has to be triggered by a visit to your site, so make sure you visit your site while logged out after the upload time to get the post up and out there.

5. Don’t force it
There’s nothing worse than reading a blog post which you can tell someone isn’t enjoying to write. It’s just dull, so don’t do it. If you’re feeling the creative block, I find Instagram and ‘beauty blog ideas’ blog posts very inspiring, as well as just taking a break sometimes – that’s okay too! Just remember to inform your readers that you’re not going anywhere, you just need some time to get your creative juices flowing again.

I hope these tips helped! If you’ve any more, please share them in the comments!

El x

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